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Are the calls under the “European research infrastructures” part of the Work Programme open to all institutions, or only to ESFRI projects?
Posted by Georgia Tzenou on 14 March 2014 10:37 AM
Only two topics are restricted to ESFRI projects: INFRADEV-2-2015 and INFRADEV-3-2015. A third one, the “cluster” topic INFRADEV-4-2014/2015, is also mainly addressing the need of ESFRI projects. These should represent the core component of the cluster, but as the topic calls for synergies with other appropriate research infrastructure initiatives, relevant non-ESFRI research infrastructures can of course be part of the consortium.
The description of Topic INFRAIA-1-2014/2015 does state: “Integrating Activities are expected to duly take into account all relevant ESFRI research infrastructures to exploit synergies and to ensure that rationally designed, comprehensive and coherent overall concepts for European Infrastructures are being pursued”. However this is to be interpreted within the context of the overall topic description. This topic is explicitly targeting key national and regional research infrastructures, i.e., non-ESFRI ones. However in some areas, the development of pan-European ESFRI projects implies the setting of common standards, common ICT solutions etc. When appropriate, the Integrating Activities should make use of these results, exploit synergies and ensure interoperability. Depending on what is most suitable to achieve the project goals, this could be achieved either by involving the relevant ESFRI projects in the Consortium or by appropriate networking activities.
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