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The Integrating Activities call addresses “'Advanced Communities' whose research infrastructures show an advanced degree of coordination and networking at present, in particular, through Integrating Activities awarded under previous Framework Programmes.
Posted by Georgia Tzenou on 14 March 2014 10:47 AM
“Innovation aspects” do not automatically equate to “innovation actions” or “Joint Research Activities”. For further guidance, please consider in detail the statements on innovation in text of the call, in particular:
1. The “scope” section of the IA call on p. 15: “Integrating Activities in particular should contribute to fostering the potential for innovation, including social innovation, of research infrastructures by reinforcing the partnership with industry, through e.g. transfer of knowledge and other dissemination activities, activities to promote the use of research infrastructures by industrial researchers, involvement of industrial associations in consortia or in advisory bodies.”
2. The “expected impact” section on p. 22: “Innovation is fostered through a reinforced partnership of research organisations with industry.”
“Industry” can be interpreted as all industry including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is up to the proposers to determine which kind of activity within a project and consortium would be best suited to make such a contribution and to achieve the desired impact, including on innovation aspects. It should be kept in mind also that Integrating Activities as before need to include all three kinds of activities: Joint Research, Networking, Trans-national/Virtual Access.
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