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In call H2020-INFRAIA-2014/2015, does the area “Research infrastructures for hydrological/ hydrobiological research” address freshwater only, or transitional and coastal waters as well (as defined under the Water Framework Directive)?
Posted by Georgia Tzenou on 14 March 2014 10:52 AM
The project should mainly address observatories of European freshwaters (in the strict sense). Transitional waters ("substantially influenced by freshwater flows") should be included when possible (appropriate observatories in place).
Associated coastal waters (as defined by the Water Framework Directive 'WFD') are not targeted by this call.
However, and in general, the integrating activities are not expected to develop in isolation. Therefore, if appropriate, networking and coordination with other relevant (networks of) observatories should be considered.
Finally, while synergies should help supporting the WFD and related monitoring requirement, it is reminded that the aim of the activity is firstly offering the best scientific services to researchers (to conduct research for the advancement of knowledge and technology).
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