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Do researchers who are involved in a project have to fill in time sheets?
Posted by EuroRIs-Net Administrator on 14 October 2008 09:42 AM

No. There is no rule that you have to use time sheets. However, there must be a reliable way to measure the working time and it is strongly recommended to use Time Sheets or another form of documentation (paper or computer based form) to account for the work on the project, because only the costs for the actual hours worked by the persons directly carrying out work under the project may be charged. Working time must be recorded throughout the duration of the project by any reasonable means (e.g. time sheets). 


If you decide to use time sheets, at least the following basic requirements should be met:

- Full name of beneficiary as indicated in the GA;

- Full name of the employee directly contributing to RTD project;

- Title of RTD project as indicated in the GA;

- Project account number should be indicated;

- Time period concerned (for instance on daily, weekly, monthly basis) according to the

beneficiary's normal practice;

- Amount of hours claimed on the RTD project. All hours claimed must be able to be

verified in a reliable manner;

- Full name and a signature of a supervisor (person in charge of the project).

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